1. Flashbacks
    Adam Taylor from Muswell Hill, north London, goes on an adventurous solo cycle ride before going to university. It ends unexpectedly. Is his life over? Haunted by flashbacks since his father's death, Ali Muhammed is trained by IS to go to London as a lone wolf operative. Kaylah Kone has afro-caribbean cultural roots. She is a business studies student whose helping hand at a Drop In Centre for migrants tangles her life with that of Ali. All three characters and those around them are drawn into the terrorist plot to attack the Armistice Day parade outside Parliament. Can tragedy be averted? What will become of these three? As the atmosphere builds and the pace quickens, the reader is drawn into the lives of Adam, Ali and Kaylah, gripped by a compelling story for our time. These areas are completely editable and you can use them to list your publications, their blurb and any reader testimonials you may have. These areas are completely editable and you can use them to list your publications, their blurb and any reader testimonials you may have.
  1. IStanbul
    Ali Muhammed's IS lone wolf attack in London on Armistice is followed up with plans for a new and more ambitious terrorist initiative in Turkey. Ali's part as leader of a Jihadi team takes him from Mosul to Istanbul. Here, with local help, he hopes IS can destabilise the country. Adam Taylor, traumatised by the vents of the previous year begins a new life as a university student, determined to understand Islam better. At the end of his first year he goes to Istanbul with three other students on his course to explore and learn from the great city. However, once more he gets swept up by events outside his control. Kaylah Kone, in new circumstances, agrees, under pressure from the security services to go to Istanbul to try and draw Ali out into view. Her brother Clive accompanies her. Little does she know what drama will unfold with those nearest other caught up in unimaginable tension. In the middle of these personal life-changing stories the reader discovers much to reflect on through their adventures.
  2. Harry's England
    A Plymouth by-election provides local man, Harry McNamara with the chance to win a parliamentary seat. Back from a summer visit to Istanbul, he is fired up to send all Muslims 'home' and retake his country, but he's not aware of other forces at work seeking to help him. A weekend of terrorist incidents in the South West of England gives Harry's faltering campaign the boost it needs. Can he now succeed? Adam Taylor and Raqiyah Nahari are students at Exeter University. Can they ignore what Harry is trying to achieve? If they get involved what will the consequences be? PC April Cooper is reassigned from the Met to Devon and Cornwall Police. She is soon on the case. But what can be done?


Domain is...

A contemporary thriller set entirely within the Middle East in the country of  Oman.

When Adam Taylor and Raqiyah Nahari finish their courses at Exeter University they fly to Oman to land in the midst of an evolving political crisis.

Not only is their relationship challenged but also their very lives.

When things begin to unravel, who can they trust?

Where will they flee? 

What future is there?